Employees Don't Understand Their Health Benefits | | Total Benefit Solutions Inc
From HSAs to FSAs and PPOs to HDHPs, understanding healthcare is no small feat. Roughly one-third of employees don't understand their healthcare coverage, according to a new survey from Maestro Health, an employee health and benefits company. Meanwhile, another 33% of respondents don't understand their medical bills. While the survey results echo similar findings about employees' difficulty with healthcare literacy, Maestro's research finds a troubling finding: That employers aren't stepping in to help employees understand their health benefits. Nearly half (44%) of respondents say their employer doesn't offer opportunities beyond health benefits for employees to meet their health goals, and 62% say they feel their employer does not serve as a resource for their healthcare-related questions. "The market is at a tipping point," says Maestro Health CEO Rob Butler. "Understanding what people need and want when it comes to healthcare and benefits and arming consumers with the tools