TOR Fashion | fuster – The Harbinger
Images: Character - fuster - The Harbinger - Powertech Submitted by - beatonthis Male Set: Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s) Head hidden None & None Chest Remulus Dreypa's Cloak Dark Blue & Deep Red Hands Covert Hand Energy Armour None & None Waist Mandalore the Ultimate's Belt No Medium Orange & Pale Yellow Legs Battleworn Triumvirate Leggings No Deep Red & Dark Blue Feet Karness Muur's Boots No Deep Red & Dark Purple Wrists Imperial Covert Pilot Bracers Yes None & None Weapon Choose crystal color Offhand Choose crystal color Where to Obtain: Head: Chest: GTN / Cartel Pack Hands: GTN/cartel packs Waist: GTN/Cartel Packs Legs: gtn/cartel pack Feet: gtn/cartel pack Wrists: GSF promo event reward Weapon: Offhand: Other Sets by Beatonthis: