TOR Decorating | Circular Sign: Agent
Source: Achievements - Complete Imperial Agent Chapter 3 Stronghold Decoration: Signs – Holograms Hook Type: Wall Small, Wall Medium To Claim Decoration: Open Legacy window (Y) > Achievements > Locations > General > Chapter 3. Select class, right click on reward item up to 50 times. "An Imperial Agent was an occupation held by operatives of the Sith Empire during the time of the Great Galactic War and the following Cold War. Some of the Agents were actually Chiss members of the Empire's ally, the Chiss Ascendancy. These field agents served as spies, assassins and saboteurs for the Sith's fearsome Imperial Intelligence. Through them, they were able to dominate countless star systems across the galaxy by tracking down as well as eliminating the Empire's enemies which ranged from senators of the Galactic Republic to traitorous Imperial Moffs and bloodthirsty rebels who had ties to the Republic. The skills required for such a task meant that Imperial agents had to master the