Strawberry & Rye Scones - Izy Hossack - Top With Cinnamon
Summer heat is taking over London at the moment! I think we’re all pretty confused in the UK because we can’t complain about it being cold and rainy? Also I’ve been watching some of the Wimbledon tennis here & there and man, the poor tennis players must be having peak times in the 30-degree heat :/ I’m finally getting a few days to myself with no work to do and just being able to see my friends from home for a bit. Also got my exam results and am SO relieved that they went well so I can officially relax for the summer time. Summer for me always involves copious amounts of iced coffee, lots of courgettes from my dad’s allotment and strawberries!! The strawberry & cream pairing is an iconic summer flavour in the UK, especially around Wimbledon. I made a trio of strawberry recipes for M&S which I’m reposting here for your guys to see. First up are these strawberry & rye scones. My favourite basic scone dough with fresh strawberries layered in. They’re best served warm with salted butter (and jam if you want more sweetness!).