Double Chocolate Malt Cake - Izy Hossack - Top With Cinnamon
Owing to the fact that my brain is a bit dead since finishing my literature review last week, I’ve been struggling to motivate myself to write about this cake. Thus, I’m keeping it super short & sweet today because honestly, I don’t think I need to do much talking about this cake anyway – the title is almost enough! I made this cake for my friend’s birthday at the end of January and oooh it’s a good one. It was originally going to be a 2 layer cake then, in a last minute panic, I made a third layer because there can never be TOO much cake – eh? The sponge is the standard, moist chocolate cake you’ve probably made before. The standout here is the frosting, for me. I based it on this chocolate pudding frosting (with malt powder added for that salty kick) but I found it too goopy to use like that. Soo I ended up beating a bunch of butter and cocoa powder into it. Worked a treat, made a hell of a lot of frosting and it’s WAY less sweet than a standard buttercream. Oh hellloooo! Related Recipes