Training Your Dog to Leave It Step-by-Step Guide |
Training your dog to Leave it is one of the most useful cues to teach your dog. It gives you a way to communicate with your pet, it makes him better at impulse control and it's fun to train too! With this cue, you can tell your dog to not pick a piece of food from the floor, stay away from something you dropped and even use it to tell your dog to leave another dog or person. Scientists describe "inhibitory control" as the collection of cognitive processes necessary to refrain from an impulsive behavior during inappropriate situations. Usually, being able to refrain from our impulses in inappropriate behaviors results in more advantages of alternative behavior. Trainers call this concept "Impulse control" or "Self-control" to put it in simpler terms. Imagine you put some food on the table and left to go grab something you forgot. Your dog sees the food on the table, can he suppress his natural behavioral response and leave-it? Many dogs can't and will most likely steal the food. Some