My Dog's Hair is Matted: What Do I Do? |
If you own any breed of dog with long hair, you know the pain of matted hair. Even those who groom their dog and brush their hair on a regular basis can sometimes still suffer from matted hair. The truth is that some dogs are just more prone to matting than others. Sadly, that long, silky coat you loved so much when you got your canine fur baby can quickly become an arch nemesis when you struggle with constant tangling and matting. However, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Dogs with "fur" instead of "hair" tend to shed a whole lot more, so it really becomes a case of "pick your poison." Dogs with hair will often become matted and tangled even with your best efforts at grooming them and controlling it, so don't get too discouraged. My Dog's Hair is Matted: Why Does it Happen? There are many reasons a dog may have matted hair. Hair mats develop when there is a lot of friction and movement. Certain areas like under your dog's chest, around his ears, in his armpits,