How to Treat Tick Bites on Dogs |
Ticks are tiny little critters that can cause big problems. Your pet can be bitten by a tick without ever realizing what had happened. Depending on the type of tick, these bites can be potentially serious if left untreated. This article will cover how to spot a tick bite, tick removal, symptoms of a tick bite, how to treat tick bites on dogs, and prevention. How to Spot a Tick Bite Ticks can be found throughout the U.S. and are commonly located in grasslands and wooded areas. Of course, these are also two areas your dog may enjoy running around and playing in, so the chances of him coming in contact with ticks can be quite high if you live near these areas. If your dog enjoys the outdoors, you should be checking for ticks regularly. While ticks can come in different sizes, you should be able to see most ticks with the naked eye. But, there's one problem – your dog's fur provides the perfect shield for these creatures. The best way to check your dog for ticks is by feeling their body