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-------------------------------------- Meet Doggy Dan, the Online Dog Trainer who has successfully helped 1000's of dog owners train their dog in a kind and gentle way that has resulted in a trustful and bonded relation between the master and his dog. This is how Doggy Dan himself explains his journey. " My search for a dog training method that worked. My own journey began a long time ago. After years of living and working with dogs on a casual basis, I decided to quit my corporate career in the city to work with dogs full time. I have always loved all animals however it is dogs that I admire the most. Loyal, brave, loving, honest and always true to themselves… how can you not respect them? Yet so many dogs seem to struggle to exist in today's society – I want to help them live happy and relaxed lives. My own knowledge has come about after years of studying many different methods from around the world. Initially, it seemed to me that nobody really