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A few people have commented on my poor reviews But they need to be looked at in context as the whole picture , I am totally open and honest about the reviews and yes those that left the negative ones had cause for complaint, Unfortunately some of them didn't contact me first to try and resolve things for them. And below I will explain things for you and hope that the reviews don't put you off ordering from me as I am so passionate about my tomatoes and I want as many people as possible to enjoy the wonderful colours and flavours I have on offer and you will see I also have some rave reviews too. But the important thing is the numbers between the two main review sites their are for a start only 96 reviews going back 6 years and 54 of those are ranked bad 1 or 2 stars which is only around 1% of my total orders We have hundreds of happy customers per year but most of those don't post reviews although I have now linked Trustpilot to my website and from this spring all customers will