Tiny House Safety – 20 tips from a safety expert
Even though your home may be smaller, it still needs to be safe. Safety precautions may help you save your property and maybe even your life! Editor's Note: This post has been provided by our friend Gary Bute of Tiny House Systems. Gary has decades of building experience, and has personally lived in small dwellings on and off throughout his life. He's an expert at electrical design and offers all kinds of tiny house design services. Thank you, Gary! I've added my own photos and captions to help illustrate some of Gary's important tips. Major safety features/specs are listed as part of the Tiny Project house plans When considering how to build a tiny house, safety is never something to overlook. Those of you building a tiny house may wish to consider these safety features and preparations. 1. Smoke Detector This is a basic item that has saved lives for decades -- one that must be installed in every home. Install a smoke detector in the location(s) according to the manufactures