Photo Book Now Available!
We're super happy to be offering a comprehensive photo book for the Tiny Project! This book includes 62 pages of photos, almost 200 images in total. It covers the entire construction process, from start to finish, including: Trailer Details Subfloor Construction Electrical & Plumbing Wall framing Sheathing & Housewrap Window installation Rainscreen Details Fascia & Roofing Insulation Cedar Siding & Metal Cladding Plywood Walls & Painting Flooring Appliances/Fixtures Cross-country Moving/Travel Completed House Photos We're offering both a PDF version and a printed version from Blurb.com This book is a great companion piece to the Tiny Project Construction Plans. The book offers photos and insights into most every step of the construction process, providing a level of visual support that could not have been included in the plans themselves. Get yours today!