I am a mom, a wife, a writer, a blogger & (most important) a Former-Reality-TV-Star (cough, has-been). Really. You can Google it. I will stop referencing this celebrity achievement soon because I have topped it: I was recently selected for the inaugural cast of "Listen To Your Mother -- Boston." My friends will never hear the end of it now. I am a tremendous fan of all things witty. If you are funny, we could be tremendous friends. I would leave my husband for Jon Stewart, Ben Stiller or Sawyer from "Lost" and he is well aware of it (my husband ... not Sawyer.) I am happiest writing and raising four kids (yet I'd trade any or all of them for great shoes). I tend to drink WAY too much wine if the music is awesome ... I spend WAY too much time watching TV On-Demand ... and I've allowed my kids to see PG-13 movies WAY before their thirteenth birthday. I still have girlfriends from fifth grade and think that's a beautiful thing. I wish the same for my daughter. My favorite published pieces include "Little Baby Fug" (January 2009), "The Thinking Girl's Thong" (July 2008), and "Friendvy" (January 2008). Some days I think the world would be a better place if Lindsay Lohan would just go away. That's a lie. I mean most days. :)