Western Red Cedar - 60mm - Timber Blinds Express
60 x 3mm is a size of slat that suits those who want the more open look or who have windows with a view. To maintain the theme of luxury, we use a more substantial double knitted ladder in this blind. This matched with narrow cord holes and a 2.5mm lift cord, provides good light block-out and the blind looks stunning. Our Cedar Blinds are made of the following components: 50 x 65 mm metal head box (Not Plastic) Quality Polyester string ladder and lift cord A rich coating of two base coats and one top coat of UV cured paints. This paint is designed to live in a harsh window environment – we use it generously 6.2 mm solid steel tilt rod – not hollow tube Solid metal cord lock – not plastic framed Solid metal cord type tilter gearbox Slat width and thickness of 60 x 4mm These blinds never need re-painting and are easy to clean with a duster or damp cloth with mild detergent. Our Western Red Cedar Blinds will give a sense of luxurious pleasure and function for many years to come. They are available in two colours.