FLEX-Fence Movable Louvres (kit only) - Timber Blinds Express
Transform Your Backyard! FLEX-fence is a unique and versatile D.I.Y louvre hardware system that lets you customize your outdoor living areas by controlling light and air movement and providing shelter to maximize your enjoyment of these areas. The recommended louvre sizes are 138mm x 18-24mm x 1220mm maximum length for horizontal louvres or 138mm x 18-24mm x 1800mm maximum length for vertical louvres. This kit consists of the louvre operating mechanism with all brackets and screws to mount eleven louvres. This enable you to create a horizontal panel of operating louvres up to a maximum size of 1220mm x 1220mm, or a panel of vertical operating louvers to a maximum width of 1220mm and a maximum height of 1800mm. You supply your own timber louvres. For larger areas, multiple kits are required.