My Tiger Family Fall Update
Fall Forward It’s been a while since my last update for all my kids. Paris seems like ages ago and I long to go back soon. However, back to reality and the here and now. My kids have been running since the day after we landed. It really is amazing.how fast you have to get back into the swing of things. Batter Up My youngest son has started the school year in his gifted class. He absolutely loves it! The teacher’s are great and engaging. He finally started taking cello lessons my older kids teacher. Surprisingly he says he loves playing cello. Shocking to me. All is well with my little guy. Next batter My daughter is off and running as well. She is in the Youth Orchestra in our County and is doing very well. She has a really good chance of being principal. She is trying to get into CTY and is studying for the SCAT Test. We found a really good online tutoring company that has very reasonable rates with good tutors. We picked this one because it offers tutors that specialize in the SCAT test. We looked all over the place and there is very little being offered online. I will write a full review on them very soon.