Summer 2018 is Here
Summer Vacation 2018 – What my Kids are doing. The summer has started and vacation time is here. I thought my kids did plenty last summer but this summer is a doozy. When I’m talking action packed it is pretty high up there on the action packed meter. At least for my kids so far in their lives. A lot of driving to different summer camps too. Not so much fun but we all make sacrifices for kids, right! Shall we break it down? Well follow me and see what my family is doing. My Youngest son Our little guy just finished fourth grade. As mentioned in a previous article he is in accelerated extra gifted class. He absolutely loved the class. The only thing that he had trouble with is Mandarin. Learning any new language is a challenge. I think learning Mandarin is more than challenging. Everything really is foreign. Besides the learning of new words and learning their meanings and pronunciation, there is the writing. Mandarin characters are very complex. If there is a missed curve or a missed small line, the whole meaning is changed and is wrong. My Tiger wife really put in the extra time and work with my son throughout the school year to end it really well. The Littlest Cellist My son started taking cello lessons this year with the same cello teacher that my older son and daughter learn from. He really is an amazing teacher. I can’t recommend high enough. He is already up to Suzuki Book Three and finished the year playing the Humoresque at his recital. Music Camp This summer as I write this he is at a three week music camp in upstate New York! One of my wife’s friends actually told us about this camp a couple of months ago. We were able to apply late thanks to her and were successful in auditioning and being accepted. This is the first time that he has gone away for any length of time. My wife is worried silly because you can’t call them. She actually sent him a letter yesterday. We don’t know how it will go but we will let you know when we pick him up in three weeks. My daughter My only daughter just successfully finished seventh grade. She settled into middle school this past year and has a growing circle of friends.