Are Your Kids Coding?
To Code or Not To Code Today, coding seems to be an essential skill that everyone is talking about. I agree with that and have first-hand experience with that. Coding used to be something that was nerdy and geeky when I was growing up. Nothing glamourous about learning C++ or Pascal. Times have definitely changed in the last twenty years. Coding is an essential skill that ALL kids should be learning today. Let me tell you my story. Most if not all of the stories on Tigerdad.me are personal stories that I want to inform and convey to my readers. I want to give information that is real and I have a personal experience so it’s not B.S. I hate reading stories on Yahoo that give you a headline and a story that has a few paragraphs of garbage. Literally wasting five minutes of my life for no reason. I’m sure you know what I mean. Which child is coding? The one child of mine that is coding is my youngest son. I’ve had him enrolled in an online course for almost a year now using Tynker.com. My son is a huge fan of Minecraft. He’s been playing for the past two years or so on different platforms. My phone, Tablet, PC, and XBOX. I looked into seeing if there were any ways to use that love of Minecraft in combination with coding. I found Tynker had a great online platform that combined both just the way I wanted. At first, everything that he did was centered on the game. Making different skins for the game and costumes for the characters. However lately, my son has been using the coding to make small little games not even related to Minecraft. A great way to tie Coding into real life I’ve been trying to relate the importance of coding to all my children. My oldest son has been very set against going into Computer Science or coding when going to college. Not completely sure why but I’ve been trying to give him examples of why he should. My daughter doesn’t really seem to mind so I will have her do coding classes this coming school year. Anyway, everything up till now has been me reading story after story of coding success stories I’ve found searching online. Real life Examples I have two younger cousins from my mother’s side. The older cousin is a girl and the younger cousin is a boy. I love using them as examples for my kids because they are real people that my kids know. We see them a couple of times a year and we can see what they are up to every time we meet for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Girl Cousin My girl cousin has always been a great example of working hard and excelling. Out of everyone in my family, she was the only one to have graduated from an Ivy League school, Dartmouth. In high school, she got great grades and got […]