WHERE DID YOU GROW UP: Mathew: Both my folks grew up in San Bernardino, but in the ‘70s “escaped” (as they put it) to a small town in Oregon to raise the family. Here I am now, back south in the sunshine. Neil: I’m from the Midwest: St. Clair Shores, Michigan. It’s a little blue-collar suburb just northeast of Detroit. WHEN DID YOU FIRST BECOME INTERESTED IN DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION: Mathew: I was a pretty nerdy kid who was always drawing and painting. From 2nd grade on through high school, my best friend Ed and I were the two dorks who were good at illustration and coming up with weird ideas. The design part kicked in at college, making posters and CD covers for the bands I was in. I wound up liking that part WAY more than trying to “make it.” Neil: It’s tough to put a finger on when exactly that would have happened. I definitely remember lots of doodling throughout my early school career. Trying to recreate cartoon characters, or draw my favorite skate company logos. I had a great art teacher in high school who kind of opened my eyes to that fact that art could be a career. WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Mathew: Classic cinema, sign painting and mid-century “commercial arts”, and this city, Los Angeles. Neil: Design & illustration-wise, I’m generally inspired by pre-digital ephemera. Less ornate, more utilitarian, quirky, wonky; things with a hand-rendered quality. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PROJECT: Mathew: Too proud of our work to choose! It’s always the latest thing we’re working on. I feel like we learn something new every time, and it gets infused into the next project. Neil: Too hard to choose! IF YOU WEREN'T AN ARTIST WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING INSTEAD: Mathew: Foster’s Avocado Orchards, for sure. Neil: My dad was a union ironworker in Detroit – I’d like to think I could have followed in his footsteps, but I get a little wigged out by the sketchy heights they deal with. I’d be working in a restaurant. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE HISTORICAL FIGURE: Mathew: Einstein. I was obsessed to the point of having posters of him in my bedroom growing up (next to Clyde Drexler, but still) Neil: Teddy Roosevelt was a pretty interesting dude. WHAT SONG GETS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD MOST OFTEN: Mathew: uhhh… today, it’s “St. James Infirmary” Neil: Those crazy Sister Nancy lyrics get stuck in my head every once in a while. WHAT IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL: Mathew: My dog Diego, may he rest in peace. Neil: A white-tailed deer. IF YOU COULD ONLY EAT ONE FOOD FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Mathew: Avocado (see above). Neil: Quinoa. WHAT IS THE ONE ITEM OF CLOTHING THAT YOU WEAR MOST OFTEN: Mathew: Black pocket tee, short sleeve. Neil: Blue pocket tee, short sleeve. WHAT WOULD THE TITLE OF YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY BE: Mathew: “I’m Not Mad This Is Just How I Talk” Neil: “No Buzzwords, No Bigtalkers, No Bullshit” WHAT IS THE HARDEST THING YOU'VE EVER DONE: Mathew: Personally, the death of my father when I was just out of college. Professionally, it’s the continual acceptance of not being in control of every little thing, and just letting go and doing your best. Neil: Living a just & balanced life – it’s a work in progress. WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU LAUGHED SO HARD IT HURT: Mathew: Up in Portland at the One Moto Show, watching drunk adults race minibikes. Neil: Reliving old memories with my brother. WHAT IS YOUR SECRET TALENT: Mathew: Popping every single knuckle, joint, tendon and point where 2 bones meet in my body. Neil: Buying bicycles from craigslist. WHAT IS YOUR GO TO DANCE MOVE: Mathew: The Running Man. Neil: Just sort of rocking from side to side. WHAT IS THE STRANGEST THING IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR: Mathew: the oldest of the 3 jars of kimchee. Neil: Yellow mustard from IKEA. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO UNWIND AFTER A BUSY DAY: Mathew: Command+S, Command+Q, a walk around Echo Park Lake with my best girl, a big meal, a hearty toke of something green, and a movie that begins with “Janus Films”. Neil: Catch the sunset in Griffith Park via bicycle.