Infinity: The Secret of Diamonds by Tejas Mathai - The Young Writers Newsletter
Infinity: The Secret of the Diamonds, a science fiction by Tejas Mathai, takes us into the imaginative world of space and fantasy. The novels centers on eighteen-year-old Jack Stone, his father Sam, Uncle, Bruce and friend, Wayne. Sam, the gifted scientist who invents Rift Tunnel Machine (RTM), has developed a peculiar nature and has started behaving strangely with his son and brother who are unaware of his inventions. Circumstances lead them to meet the Infinity Corps, a galactic reconnaissance group who is on a mission to save the five Infinity diamonds and the galaxy from the cosmic tyrant named Tarvin Genesis. Trapped in such situation where they have no other option except to fight with Tarvin's army, they work to save New York City. However, there is a darker secret being kept from Jack, one that could change the history of Earth.