SCAPEGOATS: The Goat Protocols by Andrew Paul Grell
Yes, some goats can talk. And some people can hear them. Nan just found out that she can hear a goat named Cap--an odds-making goat with a penchant for handicapping races. He needs a ride. The Scapegoats are converging on Kalispell for the accounting of the Goat Protocol and kid'll-eat-ivy-too if Cap won't make it. Butt--get it? Butt?--the goats are not the only ones on the way to Kalispell and the Other Side is getting a little desperate to subvert a facilitator or two. Can the goats and their good works clear the air, reunite a family, and finally make it to the Great Petting Zoo? No Bl3@ting, Scapegoats is a meditation on good and evil mediated by talking goats, outsiders with Ideas, and Sophie--who may or may not actually be the personification of knowledge.