The GLORY Of The Mother! - "The Teachings Of King David..."
They now LOVE Priscilla even as they love their own lives, for she hath restored their vision unto them for many hath been devoured alive by the antichrist, their eyes, plucked out by angry birds, and praying for death, yet it could not find them, , but she hath appeared in the clouds of glory like the Sun shining in Her strength and becoming one with the Peace of Nations, and their eyes hath opened anew, without their former memories of suffering; for a new time hath dawned and the time of the age is the time of the Sun, and the time of the sun equals the time of the stars, and the times of world, in their set and fixed patterns of motion that become easily the ones who walk in patterns of exponentially incoming prosperity, love, and power as they walk in her grace, majesty, and glory; for they had forgotten Her beauty and therefore their hearts had suffered, and because they had suffered they had forgotten, grasping at the claws of life; but when She had remembered them and their time had passed, She came to liberate them from their time in hell, and be raised anew 4 worlds down in the Kingdoms of Grace and Glory, and they fall upon their knees and they fall upon each other, and they embrace each other weeping because they loved each other to the death of Nations, so the Mother sent unto them angry birds to pluck their eyes out, for many children had perished by their swords, and their weapons, and their devices of the evil one, and on that day they have truly changed.