Saith God: Here Is What Will Happen To Iran And My Faithful Servant Ali Khamenei, The Supreme Leader of IRAN If They Repent Not For Dishonoring My People Israel! - "The Teachings Of King David..."
Dear Ali Khamenei, Recently there has been many threats against my people Israel, and the LORD God would like to respond in kind, understanding that these are not threats from David (he is only blessing you), these are threats from the LORD God of Hosts. That being said, I understand that you are the Supreme Leader of Iran and you desire to keep your people safe and threats are one of the only ways that work in the middle east for the wickedness of all of my various Holy Peoples of the land, saith God; however: I am the Supreme Leader who rolled out the Heavens, and did I not stretch forth my finger and touch the stars, and breath the fire of the Living God through the Spirit of Life into them? Yea, even yea.