Like most people that are interested in skincare, I would kill to get a facial every single day. But since I also need to pay for things like groceries, I usually just shoot for once a month. Although I always use amazing at-home skincare products like glycolic masks, clay masks, sheet masks, and basically every other kind of mask out there, there is still nothing like getting a professional facial to me. It is so relaxing, the effects last longer, and a trained esthetician is far more skilled to handle any skincare issues. My love for facials made me want to upgrade my bathroom with a couple simple, at-home products that can help mimic a spa. Although I’ve read many times about the dangers of buying a lancet, I decided to anyway. People have said if you don’t use it in a clean environment it can lead to breakouts, you could potentially scar your face if used incorrectly, or you could get too obsessed with focusing on little clogged pores or blackheads that no one else could possibly see. Regardless of all these warnings (some from my friends as well), I still really wanted to try one. I order a pretty cheap lancet (with a sharp pin-like poker at the other end that I’ve been too scared to use yet) and a face steamer. I was so ready to set up my at-home spa. I started out by turning on my essential oil diffuser (to set the mood) and starting up my new face steamer. It definitely felt good, but nowhere near the same feeling or amount of steam as an actual med-spa. Although it wasn’t as strong, I could definitely tell my pores were more open. This is when I started using my lancet. I attempted extractions on my nose and I could tell right away I wasn’t qualified for this! It actually isn’t that easy to use, and I honestly don’t think I was even doing it right. It also felt like I was potentially damaging my skin when the lancet would move on my face. I stopped after about 2 more minutes of attempting other areas because I was just worried about possible damage. After this, I applied a clay mask which felt extra amazing because of the steamer I used beforehand. Fast forward one week and the skin on my nose is totally peeling! It absolutely has to be from this. So I do NOT recommend buying a lancet, even if you are just curious like me! It’s not even fun. However, I would recommend buying a cheap steamer to open your pores up before a mask! When it comes to at-home extractions, leave it to the professionals Written by: Ally Melideo