Book Review: Jesus for President | The Simple Pastor
Jesus for President is Shane Claiborne's second book after The Irresistible Revolution. This first book has given Shane a fast track to prominence and he's found a considerable following here in the UK with his regular trips to Greenbelt amongst others. I think Brits like American Christians such as Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis that aren't republican moral majority types. Anyway, Jesus for President is an attempt in this election year to flesh out what Shane and fellow author Chris, think the politics of Jesus might look like. It's an interesting read. Firstly a comment about the design, this is an interesting book to just look at, with colour, different fonts and doodlings, pictures, ready highlighted or underlined bits, all of which keep you turning pages but also hints at the type of creativity that influences the authors. From a design point of view this book stands out. However we must go for substance over style and this is a book of some substance. Here are the major influences