Moving to Stockholm – How we knew God's will | The Simple Pastor
Yesterday I wrote about the process we went through over about 6 or 7 months in coming to the conclusion that we are to move to Sweden to church plant again. I'd thought I'd unpack those elements a little bit so they can be viewed in a different way. Scripture (1) We are convinced from the Bible that the New Testament church is a missional church, that the Gospel must go to every nation and every generation and that church planting is essential in accomplishing that. That God uses ordinary people like us. This forms the backdrop to everything else. Scripture (2) Specific reading of the Bible brought both conviction and reassurance to both my wife and I. On several occasions we would read the Bible and we would have a strong sense that through those verses God was speaking to us, specifically. Gen 12:1 being a prime example. Preaching. We heard the word of God preached and we responded to its call. Vision (1) There is a bigger picture for us as the Newfrontiers church family. Those