What church looks like for us right now | The Simple Pastor
This is how Sunday mornings look like for us right now. We invite friends over around 10:30 and we have 'fika' - cakes and coffee and the kids play, then at some unfixed point we gather altogether and sing a few songs together. All the children are currently four years old and under and can vary from just our two kids to as many as eight. We pick well-known songs from the internet (in either English or Swedish) and sing three or four. Then we tell a Bible story with some short, fun object lessons. We're working off The Jesus Storybook Bible but it's a little above where all our children are, so we paraphrase or split a story into two or more parts. Then we sit around and say some short prayers of thanks to God. Thank you prayers are good because it's fostering gratitude but also it's easy for all the children to manage something in a group setting. Adults pray short prayers too. Then it's lunch and people just hang around, spending time with each other. We'll grow it and develop it as