The Lord's Supper: A question for paeadobaptists | The Simple Pastor
I've just read the section on the Lord's Supper in Louis Berkhof's A Summary of Christian Doctrine and I have a question for those who practice infant baptism. Berkhof was a paedobaptist, a professor of theology and is probably best known for his Systematic Theology. Berkhof addresses the question of who can take the Lord's Supper and writes, "The Lord's Supper was not instituted for all indiscriminately, but only for believers, who understand its spiritual significance. Children, who have not yet come to years of discretion, are not fit to partake of it." (p147) I don't think there's anything too surprising here, but here's my question. Why is it OK to baptise those who have no idea of its spiritual significance but then deny them communion because they don't know what that signifies? That doesn't seem to make sense, does it? Is communion a more important sacrament that requires understanding and faith on the part of the partaker, whereas baptism of an infant requires neither? Berkhof