Moltmann on the Lord's Supper | The Simple Pastor
I recently read and reviewed The Open Church by Jurgen Moltmann primarily because I was interested in what he might have to say about the Lord's Supper. I also happened to love the book and tweeted a whole bunch of great quotes. So, to business. Moltmann challenges the church to rediscover in its gatherings the joy of the friendship of God and to rediscover the idea of our gatherings as 'feasts'. Feasts are not just eating meals but rich, sumptuous, eagerly anticipated and deeply enjoyed occasions. This isn't a function (I must eat) but a celebration (I love to eat). As a foundation for this Moltmann says, In essence Christian worship was and is the feast of Christ's resurrection from the dead. For this reason it was celebrated on the first day of the Jewish week, on Sunday at sunrise. It was always celebrated eucharistically with bread and wine. Easter begins with a feast, for Easter is a feast and makes the life that is derived from it a festive life. I appreciate this emphasis