Getting used to multicultural life | The Simple Pastor
I've never really lived in a city before. I've had a few months in London here or there, studied in Nottingham, a year in Bujumbura (Burundi) and travelled around a lot. So I've had a reasonable amount of cross-cultural exposure but travel, student life and the world of international development all have their own unique features that, so that experience doesn't always translate. I've not really lived in a multicultural environment in a day by day, ordinary living way. Shrewsbury where I pastored for a decade is one of the least multicultural places in Britain. It's just not that easy to meet someone from another nation when 99% of the people are white British. That's just the way it was. So coming from that environment to Stockholm has been something of an eye-opener; without a doubt this is the most multi-cultural place I've ever lived in. Take for example the nursery where we send our children; there are around 35 children of which only two are not bi-lingual. That means all the