How to get rid of your stuff *updated* | The Simple Pastor
We suffer from having too much stuff. Sometimes I think we have too little space but mostly I think we have too much stuff. The question then is 'how do you get rid of it?'Here are my top places for getting rid in (mostly useful) ways of the surplus in my life.For books (of which we have plenty) we use BookMooch. It allows us to pass on books that we've read but aren't sure we want to keep and request books we might like to read one day. Just put 8 more books on.For other things we usually use Freecycle. Just last week the golf clubs and trolley that haven't been used in a year or more went to a good home. The local recycling centre is excellent. Emma bought me 6 new T-shirts at the weekend, much needed in her opinion so out went 8 well worn T-shirts (if you can get rid of more than you take on, that's good), a bundle of socks and other assorted no longer needed clothes. I also picked up a Harry Potter book, a Beano album and a DVD.Local charity shops. They do good business from us in