Review: Write | The Simple Pastor
What are the major themes of your life, the areas where you want to invest your time, energy, skills and resources? Over the course of the past year, as I hit 40, I identified four areas that I wanted to broadly commit to: write, read, run, lead. So how did I do? I have ambitions to write my own books and this year I wrote zero. So on that score, 2015 was not a success. For many years I've measured success in my writing but the progress of this blog. This year was OK. 19,000 people read this blog in 2015, which is not an insignificant number. Although it is 10,000 less than in 2014. Interestingly I posted more than twice as frequently, so make of that what you will about the quality of my work. Although I achieved more views on half as many posts as I managed in 2011. The summary of this blog though was I began to write more but have fewer people read it. By that token 2015 was a mixed success. I didn't really write for anyone else and I would like to do more guest blogging if possible