Hosea: A personal reflection | The Simple Pastor
This is part of a series of guest posts by Kate Almström offering some personal reflection on the minor prophets. Kate is a teacher and one of the leaders of the women's ministry in Grace Church. Originally from the Highlands of Scotland she lives in Stockholm with her husband & 3 sons. I understand why it is a little read book. It is hard to follow and also it speaks about characteristics of God and mankind that many would choose to ignore. It speaks about mankind's addiction to sin and God's anger at them but throughout the whole book there is a compassion and gentleness that takes over. The analogy of Israel as a prostitute really made me think of some drug addicts I have known. Heroin has been their God and time and time again they have gone back to drugs despite promises of change. The prostitute in this picture is just as hopeless yet God says to Hosea "love her as the Lord loves