DigitalFusion Presents at The Jung-Neuman Letters Conference, Kibbutz Shefayim, Israel | The RED BOOK Prints
The long awaited publication of the correspondence between C.G. Jung and Erich Neumann was a landmark event in the history of analytical psychology. The Jung-Neumann Letters, edited and introduced by Philemon scholar Martin Liebscher, was published by Princeton University Press in their Philemon Series. To mark this important event, an international conference was held, jointly sponsored by The Foundation for the Works of C.G. Jung, the Neumann Estate, The Philemon Foundation, The International Association of Analytical Psychology, and The Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology. The event was sponsored in part by DigitalFusion. The haunting and inspirational images from the Red Book by C.G. Jung were displayed by DigitalFusion at the conference where Hugh Milstein gave a presentation to the more than 300 attendees on the topic of Art, Technology and Preservation of Jung's Red Book. These amazing enlargements from the original Red Book were scanned in Zurich, and used to publish the Red