Vettel: It was my fault
Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel said he was aware that he had made a mistake at the start of the Grand Prix of France and thus endangered the race with himself and Valter Botas in the Mercedes bolid Vettel started from the third position, behind the current champion Louis Hamilton and Botas, and when he set off to attack the Finns, he made a mistake on the brakes and knocked both of them off the track. Fortunately, the two of them managed to return to the track and get into the box, so they continue the race, and despite the five-second penalty for causing the incident, a four-time world champion, as a five-year-old, went through the goal.. "I started well, but I did not have anywhere. It was my mistake. I tried to wreck early and I did not have space." Valteri tried to regain his position, which was ok, but I did not have anywhere, I tried to slow down, but I did not have the grip, which led me to contact Valteri, " Vettel said. The German racer pointed out that after the incident he