Pikes Peak DUCATI or KTM
Pikes Peak DUCATI or KTM Last year KTM broke Ducati's record of the most famous mountain race. This year Ducati tried to get the same measure. With 156 bends perched on a 12.42 mile long, or 20 kilometers, Pikes Peak is probably the most famous mountain race. Last year, Chris Filmor, with the factory-prepared KTM 1290 Super Duke R, made 20 miles of climbing for 9:43.265, thus dropping a record that Carlin Dunne had held since 2012 with Ducati Multistrad. It was a sufficient reason for Dunne and Ducati to return to the Colorado Springs after a long break. At the end Dunne won, but did not break the record, while Filmore broke the record but did not win. At least not the total victory. Namely, Filmore this year with the new KTM 790 Duke featured in a "middleweight" class with time of 10:04.038 breaking down the record class and winning, but was in third place overall. It was only 5 seconds behind. Carl Dunne with the factory-prepared Ducati Multistrad 1260 Pikes Peak performed in the