Opel Combo Life
Opel continues its production offensive by launching a true universe in the form of a "combo" – a marvelous family car, full of innovation that makes it all possible.. Opel Combo Life Based on the new architecture, incredibly spacious, extremely practical and versatile, the "combo" is equipped with one or two sliding doors, and can be ordered in "short" (4.40 meters) or "extended" (4.75 meters) version, five or seven seats. With the new "opel" you will be the hero of the local sports team when you place seven team members and their equipment before going to the next match. Opel Combo Life Even the planned "expansion" of the family does not bring stress because there are three individual rear seats with Isofix child seat holders, with hedonistic enjoyment thanks to the panoramic roof. Your friends will also admire extraordinary space and will ask you to lend your new "opel" to go to the nearest furniture store, as the new "combo life" has an initial 597 liters and up to 2,693 liters