Lamborghini will stick to the atmospheric V10 and V12 engines for their super cars.
Lamborghini will not give up its atmospheric aggregates, and they will also be found in the next generation of super cars labeled as "bullfighted", despite the fact that a large part of the competition has decided to switch to aggregates with turbochargers. In this way, other manufacturers want to reduce the emissions of harmful gases while at the same time improving performance. Lamborghini's technical director, Maurizio Reggiani, said in an interview he was determined to resist pressure to reduce the number of cylinders in future Lambroghini cars. Lamborghini V10 "Each car has a mission, and on the basis of that mission, it must be selected for the appropriate drive unit," Regiani said. "We made a decision to give the Urus model a turbocharger, but all of our other super cars will still have an atmospheric aggregate. Namely, in the future, we will have to pay attention to fuel consumption and to the emissions of harmful gases. I am convinced that the answer is the best response to