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There are too many mundane websites. Nobody reads them; nobody even stays on them long enough to read more than four words. You can still make your WordPress site stand out from the dross, but you need to do things differently. Platform The software you choose to base your site on needs to be easy to customize and use. There must be free advice available for the times you break it, and it must be fast. Most authorities, including Neil Patel, Kristi Hines, and Joost de Valk, recommend installing from Neil Patel's How to Start a Blog post walks you through the basics of installation. Hosting Would you trust your car with a mechanic who worked for $2 per hour? So many website owners count on a web host that charges $4 per month to provide 24/7/365 support and access to their sites. Hosting businesses have costs including computer running costs, cooling, fast Internet connections, maintenance, replacing worn out servers and support staff. For $4 per month, you don't get much