The Writing Process | The Litertarian
Hello friends, and welcome to The Litertarian! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article about the writing process – if you like the content of this post, don’t forget to share it wide, like it, and subscribe via email so you don’t miss the new posts in this series! I started The Litertarian website to be more than just a run-of-the-mill book blog. I’ve had those before, and while I’ve loved sharing about the books I read (and will continue to do so), I also wanted a place to share about the book I’m writing, as well as tips, inspiration, and motivation for other developing authors like myself. It is in this spirit that I am launching this new blog series all about the writing process. Through it, we will walk through the steps of writing that will take you from the very first inkling of an idea all the way through sharing your work with others, whether that be through self-publication, traditional publication, posting to your own blog, and everything in between. I have broken the writing process down into ten steps that I will explore in more detail in this new blog series. Some steps will have lots of posts, and some will be a little simpler. I believe these are all steps for a healthy writing process, although each one will look different for every writer. The Process 1 | Conception:: Getting an idea for a new piece. 2 | Brainstorming/Research:: Combining and elaborating your ideas. 3 | Outlining:: Planning the structure of your piece. 4 | Decision point:: Deciding the basic storytelling elements you will use. 5 | Drafting:: Converting your ideas into prose. 6 | Rejuvinate:: Gather inspiration & motivation – you’re going to need it! 7 | Rest:: Allow your mind some time away from your story. 8 | Revise, revise, revise:: Add things, delete things, and move things around. 9 | Edit:: Polish your prose. 10 | Share:: Let others read your work. There they are – 10 steps to lead you to success! No matter where you are on the list, or how many times you’ve been through it, there are always new things to learn, explore, and finesse. Writing is not just a process, it’s a journey, and we all have to find our own paths to success. I just thought it would be nice to provide a sort of road map to help you along the way! Take the scenic route if you prefer, or take a shortcut here and there – the important thing is that you reach the end! I am so excited to begin exploring these steps with you and to have a new blueprint for upcoming posts on the blog. If you are a writer, I’d love to have you follow along. Which step do you find yourself struggling with often? Is there one you are looking to learning more about than the others? Is there anything you think I left off the list? In the meantime – Happy writing & good luck with your current work in progress!