The Greatest Love Story Ever Told | Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman | The Litertarian
So here it is, the greatest love story ever told; the tale of Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally, falling in love. If you live under a rock, Megan Mullally is of Will & Grace fame, and Nick was on the hit TV show Parks & Recreation (among other things, obviously). They met while starring in a play together, and have been practically inseparable ever since. Whenever this happens, this being a successful celebrity relationship, the public (or at least the media) demands to know the secrets of their marriage. This book is their answer to this obnoxious question. While the title is playful and pokes fun at the idea that their relationship is set to a standard that is unrealistic (they are both comedians, after all), they take a lot of the content seriously and have some real stories (not always funny) and real advice to offer. Nick grew up in the midwest with a hard-working family, and developed interests and skills in some relatively obscure hobbies. Megan grew up with an absent father and a knack for show business from the beginning. They delve quite a bit into their histories and what led them to Hollywood, and ultimately, each other. I was struck by how innocently their relationship began. I don’t know why I expected it to have been more sophisticated than boys and girls trying to get into each other’s pants, but they’re not really sure if they want to or not because they know it’s going to open up a whole new chapter in their lives. It was a surprisingly similar story to my own greatest love story in a lot of ways. When its the real thing, sometimes you know it even before you say yes to that ‘first date’ (or equivalent – life isn’t really that simple), and that can be scary. They were obviously a little older than I was when my husband and I fell in love, so maybe that is why I had those expectations, but love turns us all into fools no matter our age, does it not? Anyway, I read this as an audiobook, which I highly recommend, because the two of them are hilarious together, and much of the book is back and forth, conversation style. It’s basically the two of them in a long-form interview of themselves. I saw them on a talk show while promoting this book last fall and heard them say that they wrote this book by writing down a series of topics to cover and then hitting voice record and talking about the topic while lying in bed (presumably clothed, though I guess you never know). They touch on all kinds of topics, not all relating to love; religion, politics, and beauty among them. This was a great audiobook to listen to. After reading the heavy hitter The Weight of Ink (which I also recommend for historical fiction fans), I needed something lighter in substance, and this hit the mark perfectly. It was funny, heartwarming, and thought-provoking in stride. I think it would be enjoyable whether you are a fan of the actors, or you just enjoy listening to other people talk about their lives. Pages | 288Publishing Date | 2018Goodreads Page | The Greatest Love Story Ever ToldBook Depository (affiliate link) | Hardcover