5 Ways to Read More Books in 2019 | The Litertarian
I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to fit more literature into my life. Our lives can get busy, and what we do for fun can be some of the first things to drop from our schedule. If that’s you, keep reading, because today I am sharing 5 tips that have helped me find more time for books so that you can read more books in 2019! 1 | Listen to Audiobooks I say this so often I feel like I’m preaching, but seriously, once I finally downloaded Audible, I never turned back. Being able to listen to books as you are doing other things not only makes you more productive, you’ll be shocked by how many books you can get through if you make it a part of your routine. You can read while you drive, as you exercise, while you do chores, even when you have a sick day and don’t have the physical energy to balance a giant hardback book over your head…you can listen to someone read to you instead! If budget is a concern for you (as it is for most of us), use your local library as a resource. They probably have tons of audiobooks to read, and browsing the shelves of a library is a great way to discover new books. That is exactly how I discovered both Neil Gaiman & Philippa Gregory! They probably even have a mobile option so you don’t have to find a prehistoric Compact Disc player – ha! This is my first tip because it is hands down the thing that has made the biggest difference in my literary life. Without audiobooks, I’d never get anywhere near my reading goals. I dare you to try it this year. 2 | Keep A Book With You Always You can’t read if you don’t have a book with you. I’ve been the type of book nerd who carries a novel (or three) in my day bag everywhere I go since high school, but nowadays there are no excuses not to have a book with you everywhere! You can download ebooks right to your smartphone using the free reading apps for Kindle & Nook, and I know you always have your phone with you. Getting back into e-reading on my phone has made a big difference in how much reading I’ve gotten done this year. It can be hard to keep a paperback nearby with a toddler roaming around the house, so those are pretty much restricted to my bedside table & the bag I take with me to work. E-books, though, are always on my phone, right where I left off. 3 | Make it Part of Your Evening Routine I keep a book next to me on my nightstand to read in the few minutes before I close my eyes every day. Some people argue that doing anything in your bed except sleep (& intimacy) will cause you to develop bad sleeping habits, but I’ve noticed the opposite in my own practice of this habit. Reading even just a few pages before I shut off the lamp and go to sleep kick-starts my brain into bedtime mode. Reading focuses your mind on something separate from yourself and the day you’ve had. It can quiet your thoughts if you can’t shut off your mind for sleep. Doing it regularly creates a pattern for your brain. Your brain begins to recognize it is time to start winding down, so when you open that cover you are well on your way to a peaceful night’s sleep. Plus, you’ll get through that many more books this year! It may take a while to find the right rhythm for you. You’ll have to adjust your routine to head to the bedroom a few minutes early, and it might be that you’ll need to avoid certain late-night inducing genres (whatever those might be for you – please don’t read violent books before bed, don’t do that to yourself). But, in my experience, reading before bed is a great habit to start. Almost all of the paperbacks I read last year were read in bed, and I think this tip can help you read more books in 2019 too! 4 | Join A Book Club Joining a community of readers can be a powerful motivator to read more. You can join a local book club, an online book club, or even just being active in the online bookish communities on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can be inspiring. Joining some kind of book club is probably going to be the most effective community inspired way to read more books in 2019 because there is a clear goal (a deadline to read a particular book), a reward (literary discussion – yes, for litertarians this is a reward), and a community to be accountable for. Reading in a group can also help you get more out of the books you’re reading by challenging you to do some in-depth analysis & to think about the concepts from all angles. 5 | Read More Blogs!! Along the lines of Tip #4, this suggestion is based around community as well. Surround yourself with bookish people! Make new bookish friends both in real life if possible & online. Read more blogs, follow more literary accounts on social media. The more you see others reading and enjoying books, the more you will feel motivated to do it too! Reading more books is never about not having enough time to do it, it’s about making the time. If something is on your mind that you want to achieve, you will find the time to do it, no matter how busy your schedule. If you noticed, all of these tips circle around making books more visible in your life & making them a part of your routine. Do that, and your reading goals will be easy to reach this year. Now there are no excuses not to read more books in 2019. You can do this – we can do this together!