West Cork | Sam Bungey & Jennifer Forde | The Litertarian
Sophie Toscan du Plantier was a blow-in: someone who wasn’t from West Cork, or Ireland at all. She was a French woman who chose a country house there for the solitude it offered away from her big life in Paris. She kept to herself and did not know her neighbors or the townsfolk well, which made it all the more surprising when she was found brutally murdered in a quiet country lane outside of her home there. Who could have done such a thing, and why? Those questions are the basis for every murder investigation worldwide, and they are usually answered using evidence from the scene of the crime, witnesses, and interviews with suspects. But for Sophie? We still don’t know the answers with any legal certainty. Two journalists caught wind of the open case, and decided to dig in to see why this case remains unresolved. West Cork is a compilation of that research. This is less of an audiobook and more of a true crime full production experience. After recently reading The Monster of Florence, a book in this same genre about an Italian serial killer (also still at large), West Cork blew me away. The Monster of Florence was captivating in some ways, but it read like a somewhat dry, fact-heavy non-fiction book; West Cork seems to have been produced strictly for an audio format and had a lot of additional audio interest. Things like background and intro music and snip-its of the actual interview recordings make this production come alive. I thought the interviews were very effective in building the intensity. Hearing the actual voice of the suspects, their friends, townsfolk from the area – even some clips where the subjects didn’t know they were being recorded in some cases. My first instinct was to think these recordings were just dramatizations, but I can’t find anything that claims this, so I am half inclined to believe now that they are real. I will say it again, I am totally blown away. Normally I am not a true crime person, but this production was really spectacular, and I think any fan of Unsolved Mysteries and the like will absolutely love this book. The ‘episodes’ are each between 30-40 minutes long, and it is exclusive to If you have a spare credit, consider this for your next audio experience. I only gave it four stars because the crime stuff kind of freaks me out. Fiction is certainly more comforting! Publication Date | 2018Goodreads Page | West | West Cork