Brace Yourselves: Ads are coming in WhatsApp | TheLatestTechNews
Facebook is slowly shifting from a social-media company to an ad-generating company. It started off with the Facebook platform itself. They inserted ads on videos that can't be skipped. But, unlike YouTube, the ads in these videos are not earnings for the uploader of the video, but for Facebook alone. Facebook is simply saying: "You upload videos on our platform, so we own your videos. Therefore, we'll run ads on your videos and earn from it." Well, it's annoying. Sometimes a 30-second ad will play and you can do nothing but to wait for the ad to stop playing. But, that's just the start of it. Facebook is planning to also place ads on our favorite Android messaging app. Ads on WhatsApp Just in case you don't know, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Millions of people around the world use the app because it's free, very convenient, and it has rejected loading ads for the past 10 years. Apparently, time changes -so do technology and the people behind it. The Vice President of WhatsApp Chris