Flying with Swoop Airlines Review - The Impatient Tourist
I returned this morning from a weekend trip to Vegas and I had my first experience with a new-ish Canadian budget airline called Swoop. Figured I would write up a review of my experience with them so that the rest of you can make your airline choices accordingly, without having to search through dozens of message threads on other sites. The flight for this trip was booked all the way back in October and I was able to secure a ROUNDTRIP-DIRECT flight from Hamilton to Vegas for only $170.00/per person. I can’t tell you about a moment in my life, where I was able to purchase TWO flights for $340.00 to anywhere. Being able to get such a deal was really amazing, and I’m happy I bought it while it was that low. Although the flight was $170, keep in mind that if you want to bring anything bigger than a personal item and/or book your seat – that will cost you more. If I may make a suggestion for all of you, don’t opt for the carry-on option and just go for the checked in luggage. Why? You’ll get to bring more with you, for less money. Think about it, if a carry-on bag is like $37/per person each way that’s $74 roundtrip per person. Why would you do that instead of opting for ONE checked-in bag that is 23kg/50lbs for only one of you to check in? This means it would be half price, at about $36 roundtrip per person. Trust me, I prefer carry-on travel as well, but if you can get more of something for a lesser amount than something else? Yes, do it. To fly with Swoop (from the GTA area) you would have to travel to Hamilton. I realize Pearson is far as heck already as is, but imagine the difference of a $500 flight vs $170 AND without having to cross into Buffalo? Seems like a pretty straightforward option. For the actual process of check-in and check-out, both ways the staff at the gate was really sweet and helpful. The airplane also took off on time both ways, and on the way back it actually left EXACTLY to the second it was supposed to. I loveeee timely airlines. The plane itself had enough leg room for me and I was also lucky that for both flights it was relatively empty. I thought the seats were clean and I liked the pink accents everywhere as well. While on board you are also able to purchase some WI-FI time for 90 minutes, the whole duration of your flight or for 24hrs. I planned on sleeping since my flight left at 11pm, so buying any WI-FI time seemed silly at that moment. The snacks collection I found to be pretty decent and there was a big shock that came with that —- it didn’t cost an arm and a leg! Overall, I say if you see a cheap flight with Swoop to anywhere, BOOK IT ASAP. I hope everyone else’s experience with them goes just as well. Mirna