Being Humble is Overrated - The Impatient Tourist
I said what I said. This is definitely a rant. I’m not sure what people’s obsession in North America is with being humble. All I ever hear about is ‘be humble‘, ‘I hope someone humbles them‘ or ‘always stay humble‘. HUMBLE FOR WHAT? Are you the damn humble police? That is some damn nonsense. People who tell you to humble yourselves only do so because they feel inferior or insecure in their existence, and don’t you ever forget that. You think Michael Jordan was humble? Tom Brady? Zlatan Ibrahimovic? If you work hard at school, work, on your body, on your mind etc. YASSSS SHOW OFFF!!!!! You know why folks want you to be humble? Because it makes them uncomfortable that someone is out here being loud and proud of their accomplishments. This obsession with trying to remain humble so that you may not offend others is stupid. The hell should I be humble for? Now, don’t get me wrong, there are people who are just naturally humble and do not want to brag about anything they do and keep it low – they are more than entitled to do that. It is their choice. Just like they can be humble, the rest of us can be loud and braggadocios. That is the point, you should be able to be either or. Never hear someone saying. ‘wow, someone needs to arrogantize that person!‘ (I made up a word, that’s how annoyed I am) Also, please stop with the ‘humble brag’ nonsense. Pick a damn side, ain’t no HALF-WAY humble/bragging. Even the humble brag is people trying to silence their greatness in fears of retaliation for those who have nothing going for them. Don’t do this disservice to yourself and your greatness. If you worked hard and got a promotion – KUDOS! If you went to the gym and worked your ass off to get losses/gains – AYEEEE! If you finished your degree finally – WALK IT LIKE YOU TALK IT! I’m here to tell you that I love all of you who loudly exalt your successes. There is so much damn negativity out here that seeing those who boost themselves makes me so proud. Because guess what? If you’re not your biggest fan, who will be? I always get some bullshit for being loudly in love with myself and everything I accomplish, especially with travel. But you weren’t with me working these damn 70 hour weeks were you? You didn’t do these damn overnights. NIZE IT. My mom and I had a whole conversation about being arrogant and how I feel that myself and my fellow Bosnians are pretty damn arrogant. She said to me, ‘after all the bullshit the people and the country have been through, I rather they be arrogant and proud than lowly and sad.‘ My mom, the philosopher. I had a coworker who always described people he liked as, ‘hes a good dude, so humble‘. That was the main trait of admiration for any person we worked with. Guess I knew where I stood….yikes. This culture of humbleness is also the reason a lot of you go to interviews and when they ask ‘so what are the best traits you posses or can bring to this company?‘ you freeze – you are not accustomed to saying nice things about yourself. I bet you had your answer for ‘what are the negatives about you?‘ ready though huh? I need all of you to love yourselves more. I don’t care if that is quietly or loudly but do it how YOU feel is best. If humble works for you, then go be great and humble. If arrogance works for you, then go be great an arrogant. The whole point is – go be great and show off your accomplishments how you see fit and not how society wants it. – Mirna