A Letter To You. My Future Self - The Girl Who Doesn't Brush Her Hair.
Hello you! First of all, just letting you know that YOU put this letter out there on the interwebs so if Ellen, or Jimmy, or James et al. want to read this out in public, you can’t complain. I warned you. Ok, so, this won’t be too long because you’re busy blablabla but I just wanted to say how proud of you I am. I know you knew you would do well but I don’t think you knew how amazing you would become. And here you are. Being totes ahmaze. Do they still say totes in the future? Even ironically? Also, did they manage to make fetch happen or nah? Yeh, I didn’t think so either. Aaaaaaannnyways, I’m so happy you’ve overcome all the hard times in your life so far, you made it honey, you didn’t let the anxieties and insecurities get to you, and now you’re here, inspiring thousands and thousands, nay, millions, don’t downplay it, around the world. I told you your time will come. Good for you! How’s Chris? Wait, are you telling me you’re still not married to Chris Evans yet??? What the heck have you been doing all this time?? Ok fine, fine, bigger picture, making money doing what you love blablabla. Cool. I’m so thankful for who you have become, and I pray that you keep pushing through till you’ve achieved all that you’ve been put on this Earth to do. As you’ve always said, you were not made to live a life of mediocrity, God has his purpose for you and I’m so proud that you’re finally achieving it. Please keep inspiring others to do the same. And keep being yourself, don’t let others change you or make you feel like you’re still not good enough, because you are, you’ve come this far being the weird, food obsessed, oddball you are so keep going. Anyways I’m off to the gym, shocking I know, so I’m going to head off before procrastination takes over. Take care bub, and don’t finish all that pizza you’ve got a shoot tomorrow. Who am I kidding let’s not pretend I wouldn’t do the same. Enjoy! All my love Me. Or you. Us. No you. P.S. I see you’ve finally brushed your hair, bravo! Oh, they made you do it? That figures. x