How To Survive Coachella - The Girl Who Doesn't Brush Her Hair.
Guten Morgen beauts… Firstly, so sorry I haven’t been posting frequently as of recent…I’ve had a busy few weeks which consisted of travelling to Dubai (blog post pending), rehearsing and performing in a play, a few acting auditions, and then a few days filming. I’ve got some more auditions coming up so need to learn lines for that but I thought if I don’t post something today, I won’t post anything for the next month! SO, NOW WE’VE GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY!! Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals out there, is happening again…well we’re one weekend down so I’m late but whatever I’ve been to Coachella two years in a row now but decided to skip this year so I thought instead of crying over a tub of Ben n Jerry’s whilst scrolling through Coachella pics on Instagram, I’ll drop a few knowledge bombs for you lucky people who are going. Coachella survival do’s and don’ts….. DO: Think about comfort. You have a choice between car camping, tent camping, or staying in a hotel/apartment nearby. I chose tent camping first time round, and then stayed in car camping with my friends last year. Both worked out great for me, but if camping isn’t for you, or you take your sleep VERY seriously, then maybe stay in an apartment nearby. Also, if you are camping, I suggest you come on the Thursday to get a good spot. Camping opens from 9:00am Thursday and closes at 10:00am Monday. DON’T: Sacrifice comfort over fashion. I mean you can if you want, but you’ll probably suffer. You want to wear these? You can, but I wouldn’t advise it. At all. And as much as people think, people don’t really care about what you look like; Coachella isn’t one massive fashion show. Maybe you want to go all out day one and then wear a baggy tee for the next few days, that’s your choice. You want your face beat to the Gods? Go ahead. You want to be bare faced? Go ahead. Do you boo. DO: Bring warm clothes! People don’t realise it gets pretty cold at night so make sure you wrap up warm when going to bed. DON’T: Forget the important supplies… sunglasses, sun protector, snacks. If you’re car camping you can bring a lot more, gas stoves come in VERY handy. Food isn’t cheap there, think last time I wast there a slice of pizza was $8… so bring yourself some munchies, the rest is self explanatory. DO: Plan ahead. Think about what acts you really want to see beforehand. You won’t be able to see everyone. The stages aren’t close to each other and they’ll be some performance clashes so I found it useful planning ahead who each of us want to see and what times they’re on. DON’T: Think you have to stick together the whole time. Some of you might want to chill in the camping area whilst others might want to be in the festival all day. Do what you want. It avoids arguments and disappointments if you plan certain things beforehand but if you get tired and want to sit for a bit, listen to your body. My experience was that if two people wanted to see different acts at the same time, we just planned to meet somewhere after both performances and went to watch our respective acts. DO: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! For real, you’ll be in the middle of a desert and it’s super hot. Stay hydrated. DON’T: Bring glass, candles, extra car batteries, fireworks, metal tent pegs, full length mirrors, scissors, drones, water guns, open flames, drugs, slip ‘n’ sliders ….. according to the website. DO: Have meeting points. You’ll probably get lost at some point. I did. So it’s beneficial to have a meeting point for you and your buds. There are usually big focal points like the wheel, or the giant installations so just make sure you have that in place to avoid running around looking for your buds. DON’T: Be irresponsible. Festivals in general are a great place to have fun, be free, and let loose, but please don’t go crazy or put yourself in danger. Drugs are banned from the festival but, well I don’t think I have to explain it. Just be careful, be around people that care about you, and don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. FINAL DO: HAVE FUN!!!! BE SAFE!!! ENJOY EVERY BIT OF IT! Let me know if you’ve been to, or are going to Coachella