Jeremy Cowart on The Great Discontent (TGD)
Most of you likely know Jeremy for his photography work, but his legacy is sure to reveal a creativity that isn't bound by any one discipline. Jeremy is a visionary with many, many ideas for the future, most of them unrelated to photography. Of course, it's no surprise that he would try new things. That's part of evolving as an artist, which Jeremy has already done; he first wanted to be a painter, then studied graphic design and had his own company before transitioning into photography. And now, he's venturing into the role of entrepreneur by launching his first iPhone app. Perhaps the theme of his story, which can be applied to our own journeys, is that the path is always unfolding to reveal new adventures and if we embrace them and take a few risks, then who knows? We just might find the thing that’s been waiting for us all along. —Tina
The Great Discontent