Elle Luna on The Great Discontent (TGD)
We didn't know what we were getting into with this interview. There was only a handful of information published about Elle, but we have some mutual friends, including several TGD alum, and we were intrigued. Tina was out of the city, so I set up shop in my favorite Lower Manhattan bar and coffee shop, recorder in hand, ready for my first solo interview. Before Elle and I finished our first glass of wine, I knew I had stumbled upon someone special, someone who is pursuing life to its fullest, throwing caution to the wind, and turning a cheek to safe and normal. Many of us dream of living our lives this way, but few of us have the resolution to do so. It's our hope that this conversation inspires you to find that which is uniquely you, that which makes you come alive—and that you dare to explore
The Great Discontent